Cyber Emergency Services

While these services are available to our existing members 24/7, you are welcome to contact us as well for a quick consultation or call us for immediate assistance!

SEO Issues

Something is wrong with your search results but you are not sure why it’s happening?

If you got a message from Google that your website has been flagged? Contact us for assistance.

Website Issues

It is very hard to find good web developers and SEOs that can handle your specific situation. If you are currently in a pickle, please avoid trying to fix it yourself as it might complicate the situation. A phone call does not cost you anything except your time.

Malware / Virus Removal
Email Issues
Ransomware Removal

Black Hat Prevention

Why worry about something breaking?

Prevent it from ever happening and if it does break – back up everything on the cloud and make sure to protect your website and other digital assets from hackers, AI, bots, and malware.

Website Backup
E-commerce Security
Firewall Protection
Password Protection
Malware Protection

What is Black Hat?

Search engines can sometimes tell if your website is compromised or is using black hat SEO.

People forget that Black Hat SEO is part of Black Hat. Black Hat is any practice that is shady or criminal. Black Hat includes hackers, and also Negative SEO and/or Black Hat SEO “Experts”.

We would also recommend using WordPress (properly) in order to reduce server friction and allowing your developers to spend less time on repetitive actions that reduce their free time to look for malicious actors or enhancing security.

If you do not have a developer you need to make sure your website is secured and do not hire Black Hat experts in the first place and keep your website under your control, backed up and secure!

Nathan describes this in the following videos:

"If you hack the Vatican server, have you tampered in God's domain?"

Our Success Stories

We are proud of our work and dedication to the success of our clients and therefore are not shy to showcase the awesome job we did for our clients! Check out our success stories to get a glimpse of what the future holds when you decide to work with us!


It could be many things at once. The main reasons we encounter are Snake Oil SEO, Low-Quality SEO, and Technical SEO issues. For example the lack of a secure connection (SSL), duplicate content, thin content, bad user experience, intrusive popups, unfriendly mobile design, and slow page loading times.

Yes. But the real question is: “Are you ready to learn web development and SEO best practices?”.

When using good web and  white Hat SEO best practices, according to Google, you should expect to see positive results after 6 to 8 months.

Don’t do Black Hat SEO. Do not buy links. Do not pay for blogs on other websites. Do not use AI for content generation. Educate yourself and your team in SEO & Web best practices.

SEO is the future but it is also the past. SEO is not something new, it’s been going on “forever”. SEO is almost as old as the internet itself.

Your blog is the heart of your website. This is where most of your keywords, phrases, and the bulk of the content are. A blog on a website functions like a library at a university.

For example, a local Toyota dealership will write about their new in-stock hybrid models. In turn, search engines will populate them locally for searches such as “hybrid toyota near me”.