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Made in the USA: Classic Marketing Meets SEO

Made in the USA: Classic Marketing Meets SEO

Table of Contents

Shade Monster has more than 25 years of full-service expertise in luxury window treatments for homes. Their work is based on high-quality products to provide clients with unique and personalized pieces.

For this short-term project, we put effort into Shade Monster’s website, which is built on… Shopify! It’s not our or Matt Cutt‘s most recommended platform for SEO enthusiasts. We started by redesigning the website and optimizing it for mobile-first indexing. In addition to web development, we applied technical SEO adjustments and local SEO best practices to boost the brand’s presence. We encountered annoying SEO issues with editing robots.txt and finding a system that will integrate Schema Markup flawlessly, like RankMath. Shopify is a pain in the butt, but if you do not have a developer on your team – just stick to your promos and a blog and write great descriptions, images, and videos of your store!

That’s not all. Our work includes a variety of optimization techniques, including the use of adequate image formats for a better user experience and to present important information more understandably. The team focused on resolving issues that negatively affect user experience, like slow image loading times and the elimination of unnecessary bloat codes and useless plugins.

Semrush shades

We performed keyword analysis to find the longest-hanging fruits. To increase traffic to the website, we worked on internal linking and keyword density, and these strategies proved very weak due to some Black Hat SEO techniques that were used on the website by a previous SEO snake oil “expert” so we disavowed irrelevant and “toxic” links and boosted the website’s ranking by implementing content optimization. It was nothing short of a quick success since it pushed the product pages to the 1st page for our desired queries!

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We optimized product pages and created Shade Monster’s YouTube channel. The YouTube channel was meant to enhance the user experience on the website and help search bots pick up useful content to snippet on search as shown here:

Search results shades 2

And regarding users, after doing some research we found out a lot of users were confused about the checkout process. We simplified the checkout process and here is a video we created showing users how easy it is to order on the website:

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