Black Hat SEO Removal Services

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Don't Do THIS in SEO:

White Hat SEO Audit

The solution for Black Hat and Negative SEO practices is obviously not to dwell in these realms or attract said attackers. However, the antidote is a white hat SEO audit, diagnose your drop in rankings or potential drop in rankings and derive a plan to control, mitigate and restore. A reconsideration request is more likely to go through if you have put an effort to resolve and implemented an SEO training program.

Black Hat Prevention

Why worry about something breaking?

Prevent it from ever happening and if it does break – back up everything on the cloud and make sure to protect your website and other digital assets from hackers, AI, bots, and malware.

What is Negative SEO?

Negative SEO is a common occurrence for smaller businesses. Sometimes low-quality web developers or snake oil SEO companies can cause some damage.

However, enterprises and larger corporations do suffer from smaller or even larger competitors who try to undermine their efforts in order to outrank them. In most cases it does not work.

Either way, an audit would your 1st step!


It could be many things at once. The main reasons we encounter are Snake Oil SEO, Low-Quality SEO, and Technical SEO issues. For example the lack of a secure connection (SSL), duplicate content, thin content, bad user experience, intrusive popups, unfriendly mobile design, and slow page loading times.

Yes. But the real question is: “Are you ready to learn web development and SEO best practices?”.

When using good web and  white Hat SEO best practices, according to Google, you should expect to see positive results after 6 to 8 months.

Don’t do Black Hat SEO. Do not buy links. Do not pay for blogs on other websites. Do not use AI for content generation. Educate yourself and your team in SEO & Web best practices.

SEO is the future but it is also the past. SEO is not something new, it’s been going on “forever”. SEO is almost as old as the internet itself.

Your blog is the heart of your website. This is where most of your keywords, phrases, and the bulk of the content are. A blog on a website functions like a library at a university.

For example, a local Toyota dealership will write about their new in-stock hybrid models. In turn, search engines will populate them locally for searches such as “hybrid toyota near me”.