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At SEO Jokers we are all about honesty and transparency, therefore pricing for all our plans, services, and products are clearly stated and disclosed here.

We don’t have any hidden or ambiguous fees and we will not charge you extra for something that you are not aware of, didn’t understand what it was for, or didn’t agree to in writing.

We will never suddenly increase your rate unless you request extra services and agree to the proposed prices.

We don’t force any contracts or written agreements that will lock you in for years to pay for services that you are not happy with, because we have no need for such measures.

Our assurance of your loyalty is the exceptional service that we provide, making our clients reluctant to quit.

SEO Plans 

All our SEO plans are customizable, you can add services that you need and remove those that you don’t. For example, you have selected a “Kicker”, our basic SEO Plan for small businesses, but also need web development. No problem! You can add this service to your plan and we will adjust the price accordingly and charge one fixed amount, so you will know exactly how much your SEO expense will be. You can also add other recurring services as well, such as marketing or hosting, or occasional services such as SEO training for your team, website restoration or migration to a new hosting.   

SEO Fixed-Rate Plans

Our SEO Fixed Price Plans are exactly what the name suggests, which means that once you choose your plan and services that it will include, your rate will stay the same, for as long as you are with us or until you decide to scale up or down by adding or removing services. However, if your website grows in size, the rate for SEO services will be adjusted, simply because much more resources will need to be allocated to maintain the same level of security and quality of service for your website.  

Our SEO FIxed-Rate Plans are available for Small Businesses, Corporations and Ecommerce sites.
Below is an example of how our fixed-rate SEO plan can work, when it is combined with other services.
Let’s say, a small business, a restaurant, chooses an SEO plan for $500/month, but decides to run a Google Ad campaign for the summer to capitalize on the flocking to the area tourists. This will cost the business an additional $500/month to set up, optimize and manage, therefore the total price the business will be paying is $1,000/month for those months, but after the summer, the plan will revert back to the original $500/month.

Now, suppose, the restaurant business grew, the owners are very happy, they opened up 2 more locations, added online ordering via their website and expanded their menu from 20 items to 95 items. At this point they are ready to upgrade their Small Business SEO plan to accommodate their web development needs by another $500/month, since technically their website is now an eCommerce site, but still small enough, because it has less than 100 menu items and therefore is still under our plan designed for 100+ products. Also, they decided that they need all of their 3 locations to be optimized for walk-in traffic, to generate more onsite sales. This will cost an additional $500/month for Local SEO for all 3 locations, which also includes the setup fees for all locations. At the end, the total price that the business will pay for all services mentioned above is $1,500/month.

It is worth mentioning that since the website for this lucky restaurant business isn’t too large (under 100 items), we can also include the cost of hosting into the total price, which means the business will not be paying any additional fees to host their website on our dedicated server. 

Nevertheless, if you have a bandwidth of 100GB or more per month, then we would require a basic hosting plan subscription with us.
Keep in mind however, that if a company that does not have an SEO plan or a web management plan with us, but decides to only sign up for Local SEO services, they will be looking at paying $500 per month per location UNLESS those locations are very close to each other. 

Small Business SEO Fixed-Rate Plan

This plan is perfect for any small business that is looking to pay a fixed monthly amount for SEO, without surprises or additional fees. If you had unexpected charges on your invoice from your current SEO / Development / Marketing agency, maybe it is time to check out what we have to offer for as low as $500 per month. 

Our Small Business SEO Fixed-Rate Plan would typically cost between a minimum of $500 per month to a maximum of $2000 per month, depending on what services are needed and how many were selected. In some cases such as when a small business is a franchise, it might cost more which will depend on the number of locations a business has. However, once you contact us, one of our specialists will get in touch with you to discuss in detail what should be done for your website, and within 24 hours you will receive an official proposal, detailing costs for all the services agreed on during the call. 

PPC / Google Ads Optimization

This service allows you to take advantage of seasonal opportunities to generate more sales and revenue for your business, whether you are planning to use those extra funds for further growth or to buy that new car you always wanted. Regardless of your motivation to run Google Ads Campaign, we can help to optimize and manage it for you!

Even though this plan is not ideal for the long-term, it can definitely help you quickly generate that very much-needed chunk of cash in a short period of time, during the high tourist or holiday season, when people are looking to spend more than they usually would.

So what is the cost of Google Ads Optimization? 

The true answer is: “It depends”.

If you have an SEO plan with us, then you will pay $500 per month, no matter the number of campaigns you want to run, even if you decide to run three different ones each month. But keep in mind that the price is for the campaign management only and does not cover the costs that you will incur from clicks and are billed separately directly by Google.
If you don’t have one of our SEO plans, you can still hire us to run a Google ads campaign for your business. In this case, however,  the price is a minimum of $500 per month per campaign, but it can be more and can also vary from campaign to campaign, depending on the number of ads, their type and complexity. In this case, the Christmas ads campaign and New Year’s ads campaign can cost anywhere from $500 to $10,000 each and will be billed separately. 

Local SEO

This plan is ideal for businesses that are looking for growth and long-term success but would like to focus their marketing efforts on one or multiple specific areas, for example, a city or one county, instead of nationwide advertising. The advantage of this service is that it helps to create an awareness of your business within a local community, build the name, and generate more business relationships with people who live in specific areas and will continue to do business with you long term. Attorneys, real estate agents, small bakeries, nail salons, flower shops, and even multi-location furniture stores are just a few examples of businesses that would greatly benefit from Local SEO. 

The cost of this service is $500/month if you have another SEO plan with us or $500 per month per location if you don’t have an SEO plan with us and only want Local SEO for one or multiple locations.

White Glove Search-Friendly Hosting

This service is designed for businesses that do not have an in-house dev or SEO team but still would like to have the benefits that come with having one. It is a completely hands-off service, where you, as the owner of a business, don’t have to be much involved in the development and implementation of an SEO strategy, except when you have to approve it, and therefore can dedicate all of your time to other priorities, necessary to operate your business. Our team of experts will analyze the industry you are in, your product, your competitors, what works, and what doesn’t, and how to outrank your competition locally and nationally (if that’s your goal). Then a plan will be developed and presented to you for approval. The implementation of all approved strategies will be done without your involvement, which frees you up for more important tasks, but you will regularly get reports about results and achievements. 

This plan is also important for growing websites and avoiding crawling issues with Googlebot. A fully managed and secure hosting solution is also a part of this plan, which puts your website on a dedicated server, secured from attacks by hackers and bots.