Local SEO Services

Applies a strategic and targetted approach in search engine optimization. This service increases the chance of your website to be found locally within a city, region, or state.


Business that aim to transact with clients within a certain vicinity are often in need of Local SEO. It allows people within a specified geographic area to easily find your website along with its products or services. As a result, this service opens an opportunity to acquire a higher conversion rate from local organic searches.

Local SEO

Local SEO
Google My Business
Google Maps

Our google business profile management on google maps includes setting up a listing of your business on google maps, if you don’t already have one, or improving the existing by adding more positive reviews and ratings, or by rectifying and removing the negative ones, when possible. If the negative review or a rating was given by a real person who is your past client, it will not be possible to remove it, however, it is possible to do so, if the review or a rating was given by a bot or a fake account, but the process is slow, can take several months and does not guarantee a successful resolution. Nevertheless, careful monitoring of the listing for any new ratings and timely response to negative reviews can be highly beneficial, as people are more inclined to improve their feedback if contacted right away and are offered an apology or a solution to the problem that they encountered while doing business with you. Within Google Maps Listing service, we also offer a few strategies to our clients that allow them to generate more positive reviews from their current clients, because after all, it does not hurt to remind your grateful customers that leaving a positive comment on google is good karma for everyone.

Why is it important to have a high rating of your business on Google Maps? 

Google maps listing with good reviews and many five star ratings can improve your business’ visibility to potential clients in your area, boost organic traffic to your website and can possibly generate new leads, making it one of the “should haves” of successful SEO, even though not a critical one. If your google listing has too many low ratings and negative reviews, it is advisable to improve it as much as possible by contacting your past clients, who were happy with your services, and kindly asking them to review your business on google. However, keep in mind that those reviews must be authentic and you cannot offer free services or payment in exchange for reviews, only a genuine “thank you”.