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Another important part of a website’s evaluation is an audit that examines the content of the pages and more specifically the articles on the blog for authenticity, quality and structure. Many problems related to drop in traffic or penalties are related to content, especially if parts of it are plagiarized or written by an AI program, such as ChatGPT.

The cost of a website audit will depend on the number of pages, channels, products and the amount of content.

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Every White Hat SEO starts with an Audit

Website audits measure the site’s design, cyber-security, user experience, traffic, structure, and cross-platform browser compatibility to ensure that it is accessible and mobile-friendly. An audit is a first step in diagnosing a problem that persists over a period of time that resulted in drop of organic traffic or a penalty by a search engine. 

Security Audit

Security audit is performed when you notice that your website suddenly isn’t functioning properly, looks broken up, stuttering, loads too slow or a perfectly functioning in the past button, now sends you to a 404 page. This could be an indication of bridged security, which can put your website at risk of being avoided by search engine crawlers, resulting in sudden drop in traffic and removal from search results. In this case it would be a good idea to get your website reviewed by an SEO specialist who will review your website’s firewall, SSL certificate, hosting, plug-ins and add-ons, passwords and permissions, backups, email security and so on in order to identify the issue and build a plan to resolve it.

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