E-Commerce SEO Service Plans

This service is specifically tailored to meet the SEO needs of businesses that have an online store and want to generate more sales by increasing organic traffic to their websites.  

If you are paying disproportionally large sums on Google ads that generate you very little sales or sales that don’t cover the expenses of running your business, then maybe it’s time for Google ads rehab!

SEO Plans

Our dedicated team of experts is ready to take on the task of detoxing you from keyword cannibalization by optimizing your e-commerce website, creating long-lasting results, and a steady stream of income through online sales.


Up to 1,000 Products
$ 2,000 Month
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Maps
  • Dedicated SEO Expert


Up to 5,000 Products
$ 2,000+ Month
  • Google Search Console
  • Multiple Locations
  • Dedicated SEO Expert


5,000+ Products
$ Custom Month
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Maps
  • Dedicated SEO Expert

The more pages your website has, the more you need it to perform, therefore the more resources you need to allocate in order to manage, back up, host, and optimize it. Nevertheless, we can easily handle any website that has up to 5,000 products, but anything larger than that would require you to contact us directly for a quote, as we need to speak with you about your goals and conduct a quick audit to identify the most pressing issues.

Our Success Stories

We are proud of our work and dedication to the success of our clients and therefore are not shy to showcase the awesome job we did for our clients! Check out our success stories to get a glimpse of what the future holds when you decide to work with us!


It could be many things at once. The main reasons we encounter are Snake Oil SEO, Low-Quality SEO, and Technical SEO issues. For example the lack of a secure connection (SSL), duplicate content, thin content, bad user experience, intrusive popups, unfriendly mobile design, and slow page loading times.

Yes. But the real question is: “Are you ready to learn web development and SEO best practices?”.

When using good web and  white Hat SEO best practices, according to Google, you should expect to see positive results after 6 to 8 months.

Don’t do Black Hat SEO. Do not buy links. Do not pay for blogs on other websites. Do not use AI for content generation. Educate yourself and your team in SEO & Web best practices.

SEO is the future but it is also the past. SEO is not something new, it’s been going on “forever”. SEO is almost as old as the internet itself.

Your blog is the heart of your website. This is where most of your keywords, phrases, and the bulk of the content are. A blog on a website functions like a library at a university.

For example, a local Toyota dealership will write about their new in-stock hybrid models. In turn, search engines will populate them locally for searches such as “hybrid toyota near me”.

Off Your Plate

When it comes to eCommerce, it is very important to have a clear understanding of how your website should be structured in order to adhere to the best practices recommended by search engines. For example, Google has specific recommendations on how the pictures of the product should be presented and the description that each product should have in order for it to be indexed and displayed as part of search results. Customer ratings and purchasing information are of equal importance to search engines but often overlooked by sellers, simply because following all updates, new policies, and requirements are often too much to keep up with for anyone busy taking orders, packing, and shipping. But no worries, our eCommerce team is equipped and ready to take on this task for you and manage, track, and implement all the latest policies in order to improve your website’s presence online, keep it ranking and thus appear better in search results. Our team will regularly check and monitor every single page on your website, making sure it is up to date, and has the right pictures and descriptions of products. If new pictures need to be added, we will give you specific instructions on how to take them and what they should look like. Google also prefers merchants to use their Google merchant center, which we can help you set up and manage as well. In short, SEO Jokers eCommerce plans, designed by our team of professional search engine optimizers, are a one-stop solution for the success of your online business venture.

“I don't have a business plan”