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Can A Small Business Actually Replace Google Ads with SEO

Can A Small Business Actually Replace Google Ads with SEO?

Table of Contents

MMA4KIDS, a local 2300 sqft fitness and martial arts gym in Dania Beach, opened its doors in 2017 but struggled to gain enough traction to avoid paying for Google Ads.

After realizing that paying for Google Ads is not the best solution, the decision was made to generate organic traffic without paying for ads aka beat Google Ads! Their class schedules became very popular and the after school program was the next goal so we made sure to rank them for their desired keywords.

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Our marketing plan resulted in overwhelming registrations and opening of the second location of 3500 sqft during the school closures in 2021. MMA4KIDS is now building a third location of 4000 sqft in Idaho , and we are working on an eCommerce store to sell their unique branded merchandise and high-end MMA and fitness equipment for their students and online viewers.

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The traditional understanding of a new business owner is that he can only grow by constantly paying for some sort of marketing or advertising services rather than building a permanent stream of traffic. Only a few entrepreneurs opt for options like Search Engine Optimization. The reason for that is that “hiring an SEO / Search Engine Optimization” sounds like “hiring a CEO” or “hiring a mechanic to optimize their bitcoin”. Most business owners are still from the generation of people who were born before the internet, so there is a learning curve.

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For a business like MMA4KIDS, the goal of SEO is to generate organic traffic or users who reach the website directly from a search engine results pages (SERP). Thus, a successful Local SEO strategy, such as the one we used for MMA4Kids, enhanced the website’s visibility.

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Some other mechanisms that small businesses like MMA4KIDS often overlook and go hand in hand with SEO are Local SEO using Google Maps, and social media marketing like Facebook.

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We presented the most helpful resources to users of the MMA4KIDS website with the help of RankMath. This WordPress SEO tool offers Google Analytics integration and employs artificial intelligence to generate SEO tips and even content writing suggestions. We would suggest taking it with a grain of salt but the tips are great!

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We are also working on helping MMA4KIDS become an eCommerce store since they gained some popularity on YouTube after we did an SEO run on their channel. 

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The secret sauce is really just making sure you are above the rest and adding descriptions with proper links and design the thumbnails and channel designs like we did. Check it out here!

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