The SEO Jokers team strongly believes that one should pay back to the community and contribute as much as possible to the goals and values one feels close to. As is outlined in our mission, we support veteran-owned businesses, pro 1st & 2nd amendment organizations, animal rescues, and non-profit companies that work to protect human rights. We have nurtured the spirit of charity within our work environment, hoping to make as many donations as possible to the charitable organizations and non-profits that are recognized as valuable and respected in the community.

When we started our business journey, we committed to lead by example and to inspire our clients and partners to support some of the charities we closely work with and witnessed exceptional professionalism, dedication, and the impact they made on organizations that they supported. 

Below are non-profit organizations and charities that we support becuase they have proven to be deeply committed to the cause they represent and the goals they set for themselves:

  • a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing homeless and mistreated dogs and cats from the streets, who are often in need of extensive and diligent medical care. Animals stay at this shelter until their adoption day, receiving the love and care they desperately need. Check out the sponsored cats that are awaiting adoption.


  • Cat Cafe – a part of Lady Luck Animal Rescue that provides the space for animals and their potential owners to spend time together, interact and develop trusting relationships before the adoption is finalized and a pet goes to its forever home. 




  • Idaho 2A Alliance – a non-profit organization, focusing on fighting against proposed laws that would infringe on the 2nd Amendment in the State of Idaho.


  • Firearms Policy Coalition