Android Developer


The main task for Android developers is developing and delivering functioning, quality Android applications that provide a pleasant user experience. Good analytical and problem-solving skills are required, familiarity with new technology trends, as well as a previous experience with different programming languages (for example, Java, Kotlin, C++, etc.), developing kits (Android SDK and NDK), code versioning (and required tools such as Git), APIs, and testing tools. 


WordPress Developer


Must be familiar with WordPress (obviously) and know how to implement themes and plugins that help optimize the website according to search engine demands and customer specifications. Good problem-solving skills are required as well as good teamwork skills since members of the team communicate often, and it is crucial to keep a good workflow. The ideal candidate would not be afraid to suggest new ideas and upgrades to the rest of the team, all to meet the client’s needs and demands and gain valuable experience. 

Frontend Web Developer


Front-end development focuses primarily on website design. We think that, ideally, a candidate that applies should be familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc., have excellent design skills, a good understanding of SEO principles and ways of including them in the process of development, as well as team and communication skills, to operate within a team. PHP knowledge is a big plus. 


Technical Writer


Technical writers should have experience in creating documents that help the user find their way with the product. Such content includes Users Guides, API Developer Guides, Setup instructions, System operations instructions, etc. Top candidates should know their way around Coding and Scripting Languages, understand the processes behind web development, and know publishing software/s (IBM, Ektron, Whatfix, etc.), analytic platform/s (Google Analytics, Open Web Analytics, etc.). The candidate should be able to display the information they know in a way that is understandable, useful, and appealing to the user. Be ready to work with a team of experts, so good communication skills and effective time management are good assets.


PPC / SEM / Ad Campaign Management


You should be able to execute tests, collect and analyze relevant marketing data, be in tune with current marketing and advertising trends, conduct website analytics, manage campaign expenses, and estimate monthly or yearly costs. We consider all communication skills a great asset, as well as a sharp eye for details and the ability to use different analytic tools (Google Analytics, Omniture, WebTrends, etc.). You should also know your way around A/B testing, and multivariate experiments, and have at least some knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 




Ideally, the candidate should be able to write about product packaging and labeling, brochures, blog posts, emails, and other similar texts, proofread the material, and actively engage in helping to create brand language and ensuring that all content is consistent with it. Since you will cooperate with other experts, we expect you to have strong attention to detail, heightened creativity, fast problem-solving, and effective communication skills. Your writing and English skills are a must – grammar, style, and flow.

Content Writer


The candidate should have some previous experience in drafting, writing, and researching industry-related topics. You should be creative and be able to infuse a lot of relevant and accurate information about a subject and be familiar with the ways of making a text clear, concise, and generally appealing to the user. You should be able to create content for different sites, as well as write in accordance with SEO strategies that a team decides to implement. Great communication skills and good teamwork are also important assets since you will be collaborating with other experts. Be ready to come up with new ideas and solutions if any problems occur. Writing plagiarism-free texts is a must. 


The candidate we are looking for should also be able to accurately review various texts, check for grammatical and stylistic errors, determine plagiarism, and suggest edits and upgrades to the text.


Graphic Designer


We are looking for someone who will shape the aesthetic elements of websites, publications, periodicals, product packaging, exhibits, and more. Your graphics ought to grab viewers’ attention and deliver the intended message. You must possess a good ability to translate requirements into design as well as a creative flare for this. We’d like you to be able to effectively communicate and work systematically in a team environment.


Social Media Manager


A social media specialist is in charge of producing and sharing content across all social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, in order to expand our audience and increase brand recognition. 


A social media specialist is also in charge of creative design, reader interaction, and site stats.


You should be aware of the target demographic for each social media platform and be able to provide material that is both convincing and specific to the typical user interactions on each platform.


In addition to developing strategies, you might also be responsible for community management, creative direction, customer service, copywriting, and data analysis related to social media accounts. 


Administrative Assistant (Personal Virtual Assistant)


If you are good at making travel and meeting arrangements, creating reports, and keeping up with the proper file systems, you should consider joining our team as an administrative assistant. 


The ideal applicant will be able to arrange their work utilizing tools like MS Excel and office supplies and possess great oral and written communication skills. We would also like you to have prior experience working as a secretary or executive administrative assistant and to be familiar with that business sector.


You will carry out a variety of administrative duties, such as replying to emails, setting up meetings, and planning trips. A reliable Internet connection and knowledge of communication apps like Google Meet are prerequisites for this position..


Project Manager


We are looking for a project manager to handle scheduling and distributing resources, creating budgets, maintaining tabs on the project’s progress, and communicating with stakeholders. You are needed for a variety of initiatives, including those in marketing, information technology, human resources, and construction.


Hiring Specialist


The duties of a hiring specialist in our team involve creating both short- and long-term hiring strategies, marketing our vacant positions, and locating individuals both online and offline (for example during career days.) You need full-cycle recruiting experience and strong communication abilities to succeed in this position. You need to make sure we provide a good applicant experience and satisfy our hiring requirements.

Personal Assistant (Idaho)

Armed Security Guard (Idaho)