Toxic Backlink Removal

However, disavowing won’t remove them from the link reports from aftermarket SEO tools such as SEMrush or even Google Search Console itself. If you actually paid for low-quality SEO in the past and now need help removing it or disavowing said links – we can help you with that but we recommend you watch this video to understand if this is a real issue in your case.

Removing links is most likely not something you actually need to do. But if you do believe otherwise, or simply desire that your backlink profile look clean for reputation purposes or for example, a business/domain sale it can be done!

Unless you bought 100,000 backlinks or someone bought 100,000 links for you, this is not an emergency and should simply be prevented. This is usually includes finding the credit card you have on file that is responsible for this and to start a process of removing these links.

However, if your domain was involved in a link scheme or paid for links and did not report them as such (nofollow or sponsored), they will need to be marked properly.

Some tools can be used to remove bad links. Afterwards you can disavow or report the links after you’ve exhausted any conventional methods of removal.