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Cheap SEO: Is it possible to get SEO services for $99.99?

Table of Contents

Cheep seo!

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Is cheap SEO possible? Many business owners considering using an SEO service wonder whether it can make Search Engine Optimization more affordable. It is crucial for small businesses that cannot invest huge sums of money into SEO or any form of Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Cheap SEO in 2021

Do we live in a year where we can have high-quality SEO for $99.99? Is cheap SEO actually possible to obtain?

One of the leaders of SEO, Matt Cutts, has started a trend, which we at SEO Jokers decided to follow. As stated in his announcement, Matt has dedicated his time to creating automated SEO. For those new to the world of SEO, this advancement will revolutionize this niche. Now he finally presented his innovation to the world – SEO. Ninja.

So, what is automatic SEO?

One of the ideas that Matt Cutts presented is based on the premise that behind the World Wide Web‘s success stands the separation of presentation and content or, to be more precise, decoupling the problem of differentiating content from how the text looked. Some of the critical elements of an SEO that require dedication and attention to detail are:

  • Title Tags,
  • Meta Descriptions,
  • URLs,
  • Header Tags,
  • Mobile-friendly, and many more.

Matt Cutts wants to create AutoSEO using his mentioned revolutionary idea. This form of SEO would help any customer, business owner, or SEO enthusiast achieve the highest possible results. Also, AutoSEO will make the process as simple as possible while ensuring that all features are suitable for mobile design.

Besides its efficiency, AutoSEO has much more to offer for users. Matt states, AutoSEO is free for individuals, students, self-hosted installs, and companies with less than 100 employees. AutoSEO is also built from the ground up to handle mobile browsers“.

Using AutoSEO, one would not worry about satisfying all criteria we mentioned and could easily resolve any issues such as redirects. All worry about keywords, H1 headers, and more would disappear using this revolutionary idea.

The regular cost of SEO

AutoSEO can completely change the world of Search Engine Marketing, considering the average cost of traditional SEO. Depending on the size of your business and the marketing strategy, you seek to obtain SEO services may vary. After consulting an SEO expert, based on the amount of content needed, expectations, projections for business growth, and the range of services required, the costs of the services are calculated, and the plan is meticulously designed. 

Considering all these factors, the average hourly rate can be approximately $100, in line with 25 and 50 hours of SEO work per month. The alternative is a monthly package with a fixed price and can vary anywhere from 500 dollars up to 8,000 dollars/month. 

Important announcement

Expenses of SEO services, as well as the difficulty of making the algorithm work properly, make SEO not accessible to everyone. But this is about to change. 

This is the year where SEO, one of the most important features of Search Engine Marketing, have been proven to raise the number of visits to your online business or the site you have, which directly correlates to a rise in revenues and customers. 

All this can be yours for an unimaginable $99.99! So get ready to pay for SEO SO CHEAP!

Cheap seo

And one last thing, HAPPY APRIL’S FOOL DAY!!!

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