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Can Small Businesses Benefit From SEO

Can Small Businesses Benefit From SEO?

Table of Contents

YES! You don’t even have to have a website for your small business! While some people think that SEO requires a complete website to work, it is not entirely true. Well, we would at least recommend you have a single page with your crucial information, such as phone number, credentials, etc. 

Websites with multiple pages and posts have an edge when generating traffic. However, a one pager works fine if you know what you’re doing.

Small Business SEO Without a Website

Google Sites is a good and free option, but let’s hypothesize that you do not have a website. Suppose you are an attorney, a medical doctor, or an arborist, and you want to start showing up in search results when people search for “immigration attorney,” “walk in doctor,” or “coconut removal,” you should follow this simple checklist to start your SEO journey:

Can small businesses benefit from seo

Google Maps Listing

Over 2.6 billion people worldwide use Google Chrome, which makes Google Maps Listing a great source of leads if you don’t have a website. There is also no need for an actual location if you provide services or deliveries.

Business Listings on Other Platforms

There are a lot of websites that offer business listing services. You can use those sites to list your business based on what appears in your local search results. For example: “Tampa’s Attorneys Index.”

Business Ads on Local Newspaper

Sign up for business ads with your local newspaper. Just make sure they will add it to their website. They’re usually dinosaurs and don’t even put nofollow links so be careful. The goal is to be mentioned, a citation. The link itself doesn’t matter. Make sure that your ad is in the form of a blog post or PLAIN TEXT. Not an image. Search engine bots can only read texts.

Review Platforms

Certain industries have review platforms. For example, in the medical field, there’s HealthGrades to check whether your doctor has good reviews. Get to at least three local platforms but be extra careful, if you’re a divorce attorney, haha those bad husband reviews are incoming.

Social Media Accounts

A whopping 4.9 billion people use social media globally. The last we checked, that’s a lot of potential traffic if you know what to do. We recommend focusing on video content. For example, tutorial videos or a vlog that showcases your expertise. Rumble, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and be ACTIVE! Publish a video at least every month, please.

Can small businesses benefit from seo

Public Forums

Join Publicly accessible forums in your industry and use your full business name. Reddit, Quora, or even local forums, and start a blog on free platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter.

Written Content

Write extremely detailed information about a very complicated topic and provide actual data, not just references. Now wait for others to use it elsewhere and citate your name. You can even ask other local business owners to share it on their website.

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Radio & Podcast

One of the best ways to start some local search engine buzz is by being heard on the radio or a podcast. Getting your content turned into audio and shared/re-shared on social media may attract traffic to your small business. 

Obviously, it’s not easy but if your name or business name is catchy it will boost your social presence and people will start searching for you! This technique can help you start a buzz to get your online presence showing up. This will then help you understand if you are in the right area for your business.

Avoid Black Hat Techniques

The most important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t get involved with black hat SEO ever! Not only can it be damaging to your reputation it will also kill any chances for you to get your name or business out on the web.

Important Things to Remember

The order of the above list is not crucial as each business has a different audience and a different business model. You have to keep an eye out for and do some research on where your audience frequents. For instance, if you find out that most of your target audience listens to the radio, the radio and podcast technique might be a good starting point.

While some of these things might not work for you, you should still try it. Search engines list you when you show up on authoritative sites. For example, if an orthopedic doctor is linked to IKEA’s website, it’s still better! Because maybe he signed a deal with them to review and be certified for “Orthopedic Certification.”

Or why would an Arborist be in online forums? Because people want to know how to save their property from deep roots without destroying their tree.

Now, do you know what Doctors, Attorneys, and Arborists have in common? Certifications, diplomas, and licenses. Share these everywhere you go and pin them on websites you have access to. For example, your city might list you in an index related to your services, such as arborists for tree removals or attorneys specializing in bonds or civil rights.

More importantly, remember that classic marketing will never die. Get business cards with a QR code! Do you want our shipped to you?

Even we, as an SEO agency, get 50% of our clients through referrals and socializing, so go outside!

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