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Nathan Gaidai
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Black Hat & Negative SEO Recovery [Simplified]

Table of Contents

Did you feel that your PageRank suddenly dropped after some sort of shady deal to optimize your site for more traffic? Or did you find your links on irrelevant or spammy websites? You might have been a victim of Black Hat SEO! Our expert at SEO Jokers talks about the actions you need to take if this unfortunate thing happens. Make sure you are well informed about the procedures needed for black hat and negative SEO Recovery, to protect your site from potentially damaging situations.

Black Hat & Negative SEO Recovery

Black Hat SEO Recovery. Well the first thing you want to do is to control the situation, which means if your domain or website is under control of somebody who doesn’t have the real knowledge of doing SEO or even web development, you have to take over. So go make sure that if you’re on GoDaddy, google domains, cloudflare, or whatever system you’re using you can control your domain that you have access to it.

After that you want to make sure that you have access to your website hosting, your website itself, maybe it’s WordPress, and then after that what you want to do is to make sure that you have backups of your website, in that order specifically, because when you get access to your website you can in theory download it with a plugin or something like that. Then after that you want to mitigate, so you would want to remove access first of all from whoever person that is from your domain. So if it’s a specific platform like Google domains, cloudflare, or GoDaddy, they each have their own tutorials, you can just google them, and they will be your top priority to deal with. If you don’t do that, somebody could just hijack your website and tell you hey until you pay me, a hundred dollars, three thousand dollars, or in some cases even more I won’t give you back the website. 

So, after you do the control and mitigation part, you will have an audit part so somebody like me will have to come in and assess. Google will never assess this for you, not Bing, or Yahoo. You will have to hire somebody, to do the assessment. However, if you have access to your Google search console, you can go and check it out, we have some articles in our blog that showcase how to do that. 

After that, you want to plan with the professional that actually help you to realize what happened. However, I will always recommend to have a second opinion from somebody completely randomly selected, maybe even just a web developer that could do a little bit of research and check. It’s not always mandatory to have an SEO check it. So anybody who has a head on his shoulders, and can google a little bit, and he’s tech-savvy, and he was in the industry could actually help you. You don’t have to grab a top-notch SEO for $2,000 to solve it, YouTube has a lot of very easy videos and also, we, like I said have some articles that could help you, but don’t be afraid to reach out.

Then you have to act, each different situation of black hat SEO, negative SEO has different solutions. If I have an issue like a paid link scheme, or just a link scheme, these are different things that they need to be approached differently. So if you paid someone for links or vice versa, both sides can be affected. Some more or some less depending on the model of links.

Sometimes you would pay like $39.99 for backlinks which they are the same, links and backlinks are technically the same. And then the person you paid that $39.99 goes ahead and spams your website with spams and bots, you keep showing up on your link reports all over the place on websites that don’t relate to you, and then you have to disavow them or go and ask those specific websites to put a nofollow link, which is usually not what you would like to do because it would be tens of thousands of them and you don’t want to spam them as well, it’s gonna cause all kinds of different issues and then they will start spamming you back. You don’t want to handle that. 

This is where you need somebody to go ahead disavow, add nofollow links, and deal with it. In situations like this where if you have a lot of links that are like affiliate links and you never reported them and such, if you had a WordPress or a very good developer, you could do a quick implementation on your website of adding nofollow links on all of your blog articles for example.

On another spectrum, you would have things that are completely different, not related to links. Some things can be cloaking where they put text on your website and they hide it, it could be anything from trying to sculpture the page rank into different pages. What a lot of companies like to do is build a lot of pages like gate pages sometimes, and these gates they all send links to a specific website. 

For example, let’s say you want to rank for one, two, three, and decided okay I’m gonna create 20 different websites to send people to that page that I want to rank better, and to rank for those keywords that’s also a bad thing, so you do want to recover from that if you got hit by google from something like that, which usually is rare but it does happen but they don’t necessarily let you know about it so it’s just your ranking is going to go down. Black hat SEO removals and things like that are not necessarily a penalty removal, a penalty is on the higher end of stuff. 

Black hat SEO recovery might be invisible to you, you wouldn’t even know that it actually exists on your website. Like I said again, and I’m going to repeat it just to remember, control everything, make sure you have access to your domain, website, etc. mitigate, so remove access from that individual, audit it with a professional, somebody who’s at least tech savvy and has worked in the industry of web development, and then plan how to fix it. That part needs to be done with a professional SEO which might take you time to find, and then you also have to act, which actually ACT on that set plan.


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