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6 Do’s & 6 Don’ts When Choosing A Domain Name

Table of Contents

Pretty much all modern-day success stories for any business begin and end with how fast they can scale their online presence. Apart from social media and online ads, the other important piece is building the most effective website possible.

And if we look at this goal as if we are building a house, the foundation of a website is the code and the domain you choose, the latter of which is the topic of today’s blog post (and to learn more about how we can help with the former, contact us here).

Now back to the topic at hand, not to sound melodramatic, but choosing the domain name is a crucial step to building your online presence, and can even potentially make or break this process.

It is the very first thing clients see and interact with after social media and/or your ads, as it represents your identity and brand, and overall makes the website more personal toward the business. Just by doing a quick Google search, we can see that there are millions of domain names already registered, and here lies the challenge.

The question is: How do I find the best domain name for my brand?

And while the exact domain name varies depending on your location, niche, and business type, exactly this is answered below, by giving you the best practices do’s, and the don’ts to avoid.

Consider this your mental and visual road map when choosing one of your website foundations, your domain name. You can thank us later.

Let’s get started.


What to do

Throughout recent history, many businesses have registered domain names that have worked and a lot more that haven’t. However, we can see patterns on the domain names that have succeeded, which we’ve listed below.


Keep consistent branding

It can’t be overstated how important aligning your domain name with your brand is, as it directly reflects your brand and its values. You can amplify recognition and establish a strong connection with your target audience, by incorporating your name or a relevant keyword.

This strategic approach where a well-aligned domain name builds trust among users and enhances brand recall, as it reinforces the consistency between your online presence and your brand’s image, not only boosts brand awareness but also helps you establish a solid and lasting bond with your intended audience.


Simplicity is a priority!

The most important thing when selecting a domain name is that the name should be easy to spell, pronounce, and remember. Simplicity has a power that allows users to find your website easily and share it with others without hesitation, and this power cannot be overstated.

When you choose a straightforward domain name, you enhance user experience and ensure that your online presence is easily accessible and memorable.

With a simple domain name, the chances of users mistyping or misspelling your website address are minimized, and it facilitates word-of-mouth promotion.

When you are choosing a domain name you should take simplicity as your guiding principle so you can maximize its impact and reach.


Choose the best extension

The most common extension is .com, but you can explore other options like .org, .net, or country-specific extensions such as or .de. This depends on which country you are in, for example, .us is reserved for US companies only, so don’t go with non-US entities as they will be removed. On the other hand, extensions such as .net used to be used for social networks and could still be bought.


Choose an extension that aligns with your target audience and that effectively conveys the purpose of your website.

We should make it easy for our users to link our domain name with the nature of your website and its intended audience, and that you get by selecting a relevant extension. Choose an extension that best compliments your website’s goals and vibrates with your desired user base.


Make it easy to memorize

If you want to encourage your users to visit your website more often you need to create a domain name that sticks in users’ minds.

Engage different techniques, for example, catchy phrases, alliteration, or distinctive word combinations to make a lasting impression.

You can enhance the chances of users remembering and revisiting your website, simply by designing a memorable domain name. This gives your clients increased brand identification and strengthens the connection between your domain name and your online presence.

By engaging creative and attention-grabbing elements in your domain name you are attempting to leave a lasting impact on users.


Keyword research

By combining appropriate keywords into your domain name you are increasing your search engine visibility. Research to identify some popular terms related to your industry and perfectly build them into your domain name.

If you strategically include appropriate keywords, the chances that your website will be discovered through search engine queries will increase. Your website visibility will increase using this optimization technique, and it will make it more likely to attract organic traffic from users searching for topics that are related to your domain name.

Prioritize keyword research to make sure that your audience’s search behaviors align with your domain name.
Consider Future Growth

When choosing a domain name you should be prepared for its potential growth and its wide range. You can make a big mistake choosing a domain name that limits you to a particular niche or product, that way you are restricting your website’s possibilities.

Choose a domain name that is workable and allows you to adapt and grow your online presence as your business evolves. Position your business in a place where you can accommodate new offerings, target bigger markets, or progress into different areas of interest, for that purpose you should think about future growth.

The domain name should keep the doors open, providing room for growth, embracing new opportunities, and supporting your long-term goals.


What to avoid

When choosing a domain name for your website, it’s essential to avoid these don’ts to guarantee the success and effectiveness of your online presence. Here’s a quick guide on what to stay away from:


Stay away from numbers and hyphens

Avoid using numbers or hyphens in your domain name because it makes customers confused, and it makes it more difficult for your customers to remember and correctly type your domain name. It may be hard for customers to spell the domain name and it results in a loss of website traffic.

You can make sure of a smoother user experience and minimize the probability of errors and misunderstandings by avoiding numbers and hyphens. Choose a domain name that is simple, straightforward, and free of any characters that may obstruct availability or clarity for your audience.


No profanity

Profane language can create a negative impression, offend potential visitors, and harm your brand’s reputation. Make sure to steer clear of using profanity when choosing a domain name.

By opting for a clean and professional domain name make sure that the audience that is following your content is respecting you and your brand.

By avoiding profanity you give a positive online image and make your website accessible to a wide range of users.


Avoid breaking trademarks

Your chosen domain name shouldn’t violate any existing trademarks or copyrights.

Do the research and take the necessary steps to make sure that you avoid any potential legal complications or damages to your brand’s reputation. Carefully research and prove the accessibility of your desired domain name, that way you can protect yourself from potential conflicts and correlated consequences.

It is crucial to respect intellectual property rights and prioritize the designing of a domain name that is one of a kind and that does not invade the established rights of others. Preserve the integrity of your brand by intensely avoiding trademark transgression in your domain selection process.


Simple over complicated

Try to avoid very long and complicated domain names because they are very difficult to remember and prone to spelling errors.

Choose a simple domain name to increase the user experience and also the chances of repeat visits. When you do it this way straightforwardly you are minimizing the risk of your customers mistyping your domain name.

Simplicity is going to do a favor to you and your users and it will contribute to the longevity of your online presence.


Do not follow trends

Keep in mind that trendy terms or buzzwords can be very cool at the time that you chose them as your domain name but you should know as well that those trends are risky and can diminish rapidly. Instead choose a more timeless domain name, making sure that it will be long-lasting.

By prioritizing a timeless and evergreen domain name you are making sure that you are establishing a strong foundation for your online presence that remains relevant and resonates with your audience for the long-term.

Embrace the concept of timelessness and choose a domain name that is not going to fall apart over time.


Social media is your friend

If you want your brand to be recognized, the best way is through social media. Consistency across various platforms can strengthen your brand identity and also can streamline customer engagement.

This approach allows your users to easily find and capture your brand on different channels. Using Social Media Compatibility to maximize the impact of your domain name and strengthen your overall presence, also fosters a seamless and unfiled user experience.

Keep this in mind before finalizing your domain name, and make sure to check the availability of corresponding social media handles.


Avoid rapid decisions

When choosing a domain name for your brand do not rush the process instead take the time to brainstorm, conduct thorough research, and look for feedback from someone you trust before you make the final decision.

This way you have more time to see other possibilities for domain names and see which suits your purpose. You can see potential impacts of your domain name on the public so take your time and make the best choice that you can.

Right chosen domain name can resonate with your target audience, and align perfectly with your brand. The best way to choose a confident domain name is to embrace patience and take a methodical approach.



Designing the right domain name is a crucial decision that greatly impacts your online presence.

By following the recommended guidelines above and making clear that you are avoiding common mistakes, you are selecting a domain name that effectively incorporates your brand, raises user experience, and drives the success of your website.

Consider your target audience, anticipate future growth, and strive for simplicity. A well-chosen domain name is not just an address, it’s an integral part of your brand identity and a key to establishing a successful online venture.

Take the time to choose wisely, as it is an investment in the long-term success and credibility of your digital presence.

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