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Firewalls and Backups Are Not Snake Oil! Website Owners BEWARE!

Firewalls & Backups Are Not Snake Oil! Website Owners BEWARE!

Table of Contents

Firewalls and backups are something website owners should prioritize. It’s a line of defense and a way to completely revive your site if ever it gets attacked by a hacker. This video explains the real purpose of these two necessities which are not to be mistaken as snake oil.

Why People NEED Firewalls and Backups

Just thinking that nothing’s going to happen, I always tell people get a firewall, get some backups, get multiple backups pay extra $30 a month for them. I mean I don’t care how much it costs, if it’s not worth thirty dollars guess what, there is a chance you lose your website. There is a way to know if your website is not protected, there’s a way to know if it’s vulnerable. 

The Reason Hackers Steal From You

You need to show those hackers and spammers you’re armed so they wouldn’t try to hack you and they will do it gladly because they’ll make money out of it they don’t just do it for fun you know most hacks are for money. So let’s say they took over your website, that’s it and you’re done what are you gonna do if you don’t have a backup? You don’t have a firewall? You basically have to start all over again. 

You have to go and grab your domain name and start you know a brand new website. Be very wary, there’s a lot of ways to make money by stealing your website. Somebody could literally steal all your traffic and if you don’t mitigate it and it’s not gonna be something we could resolve. 

First Things to Do When Your Website Gets Hacked

So if you’re under attack or if you need to restore your website is currently down or you don’t have a backup and you’re scared something’s going to happen or you need to migrate it to a new server because the current one for some reason is not safe or not working it’s something that you need to do right away. Don’t be shy to reach out if it’s an emergency, we have a WhatsApp chat 24/7. 

Reach Out if It’s an Emergency

If it’s a real emergency feel free to call, we most likely will answer. But really take security of your website seriously, make sure you have your backup and you control your domain.

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