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How Does Working With a Great SEO Company Look Like

Table of Contents

Unless your website is in complete shambles, which requires the expertise of a web developer, the initial step taken when engaging with an SEO company is conducting an SEO audit. The truth is that most websites nowadays are NOT optimized for search engines, or at the very least not maintained for it. It’s important to remember that search engine optimization (SEO) is not a one-time task. It demands ongoing enhancements to achieve and sustain good results.

SEO audits might have some technical terms and jargon, but don’t worry, they’re usually just guidelines and standard procedure. However, be careful of scammers that are trying to scare you. If someone promises first-page results, they’re probably lying. And if they say that your website is doing great despite a lack of leads, they’re probably not being truthful, either.

The SEO Process

Typically, the SEO process is relatively straightforward. It involves collaborating with web developers, designers, and writers or bringing their equivalents on board.

Syncing your site and gaining access to SEO tools, SEO reports, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other critical structures would be the number one priority and at the top of the list.

The next on the list would be to send us your multimedia assets. We’ll then consolidate all the content needed for your new website and future designs!

If a new website is required, we’ll gather all the necessary content for migration and wait for initial images, logos, and designs to be provided to us. This will enable us to initiate the web design process or create graphics for your campaign. Frequently, if your site is hosted on a non-SEO-friendly server, we would suggest either migrating your site or re-creating it on a more SEO-friendly server.

Good vs. Great SEO Company

A good SEO company should be able to cater to all your web design and update requests, which may include regularly adding content to your sites. However, it’s important to note that these services may not be included by default and could incur additional charges. Website maintenance are typically done by webmasters and not all SEO agencies have them on-hand. We do.

A great SEO company would accommodate almost everything you need to establish and maintain your online presence, such as web hosting, domain purchasing, and protecting your domain, as these tasks are related to SEO.

We, for example, can protect your domain from unwanted traffic using two firewalls on the network level! Which in return enhances the quality of leads you filter. This isn’t a problem to implement.

Upgrading Your Website and Server

Sometimes, it’s necessary to get a new server for your site. Many businesses opt for budget-friendly shared hosting services, which share IPs with unknown websites. This creates a potential security risk, like having a backdoor that ideally shouldn’t be there.

Reliable SEO agencies host you on a powerful search engine-friendly server with excellent cybersecurity measures to protect you against spammers. This ensures a safer online environment and attracts search engine bots, boosting your online visibility.

Considering the importance of mobile-first indexing, optimizing your website for mobile devices is important. This enhances user experience and further improves your search engine rankings.

SEO Results and Reports to Expect

An SEO agency’s report should be automatic, and you should expect results anywhere from 6 to 8 months. However, if your website doesn’t require a redesign or major updates, the process could take 2 to 3 months. Google typically takes 30-120 days to consider most data, such as core web vitals, as “permanent.” 

Please be aware that this isn’t always the case for websites with fewer than 100 pages. This perspective is based on our observations from Google Search Console since the launch of Core Web Vitals.

Tips for Hiring a Great SEO Company

We advise you to be cautious of black hat SEO or low-quality SEO services that promise immediate results or results under six months. You can find more information about this from Google’s video:

Many SEO agencies might hesitate to manage your website if they cannot align or integrate smoothly with your current team. Ensure they can blend well, communicate effectively, and operate within similar time zones, or at least have the expertise to work independently. Otherwise, expect some roadblocks or delays along the way.

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