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Nathan Gaidai
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The Mesothelioma Spam Mystery Explained

Table of Contents

Mesothelioma, also known as one of the most expensive words on Google, is often used to explain spam culture, keywords, and SEO. Not many understand the meaning and relevance of mesothelioma – fatal lung cancer caused by asbestos.

Our blog will detail the myth behind Mesothelioma, its significance to SEO enthusiasts, and its marketing value. So let’s dive in!


What is the Mesothelioma?

As mentioned in the introduction, Mesothelioma is deadly cancer that can take years to develop. More important information for our story and the market value of Mesothelioma as a keyword is that this form of cancer is caused by asbestos.

It is a malignant disease occurring in the thin layer of tissue placed over most of our internal organs. It most often affects the tissue that surrounds the lungs, tissue in the abdomen, around the heart, and the testicles.

Because it is impacted by asbestos which is not easy to detect and has a slow impact on the individual, many use this condition to make a lawsuit against companies and building owners that did not take care of it. Even though there are certain forms of treatment, a complete cure is not found.


How did Mesothelioma Become an Expensive Keyword?

Because we are discussing health conditions, our readers should know that health, legal, and finance often cost a lot. If we further discuss topics or terms that can be connected and valuable to lawyers and the volume of their business, their value skyrockets.

You can wonder how this health condition relates to lawyers. Based on the high conversion rate, the connection is the key. Usually, the three main factors impacting the value are competition level, quality score, and network choice.


Conversion Rate of Keywords

Regarding Mesothelioma and this particular case, it was precisely about conversion rate.

This word could attract a crowd that can revert traffic to websites and helps lawyers gain customers. Client and profit law firms can get from this concrete example include favorable judgment; settlements in asbestos-cancer lawsuits ranging from tens of thousands to millions of dollars.

In line with what we previously discussed, suing a company on behalf of a mesothelioma sufferer could bring in millions; therefore, lawyers are ready to invest in SEO to assure new clients. According to the October 2009 survey, the keyword ‘mesothelioma’ was the most expensive in paid search, ranging from “$99.44″ per click.

Over the years, the costs changed, which led to an increase in the price one is ready to pay for advertisement. Some rumors even mentioned that its value grew over recent times averaging between “$200-$600”!

Therefore in August 2018, researchers determined the average cost of Mesothelioma as a keyword combined with a few other words. Some of the results include:

  • Mesothelioma cancer lawyer – $226.5
  • Virginia mesothelioma lawyers – $224.0
  • Hawaii mesothelioma lawyers – $207.9

Is Mesothelioma as a keyword still profitable?

In its moment of glory, in 2014, the keyword “mesothelioma” had the highest price. Advertisements like this bring good ROI points, but one should be cautious.

As it happened with Mesothelioma, specific keywords can be overused or, in SEO terms, overpopularized and oversaturated. It impacts its profitability to a certain point.

You may wonder why someone would use this word if it is over-popularized. Even though many use it, keywords can still be profitable. An example can be that one spends 80 000 on daily PPC resulting in 1400 clicks which still means that it is possible to convert it to clients resulting in almost one million in settlement money.


Factors Impacting the Value of the Words

But we need to discuss what other factors impacted the value of a keyword. Google and other browsers have recently undergone engine algorithm changes, targeting high-paying keywords.

They are targeted by a heuristic relevance check, and spammy sites will be penalized, or they will have low SEO value and won’t be featured on the first page of browsers. It leads to the conclusion that the profit will decline since lawyers and other companies will not have as much benefit as they used to, impacting the value of keywords.

Our advice is to help Google by sharing information that answers questions and helps people, which does not mean dropping SEO practices but aiming them correctly.


Example of Mesothelioma as a Keyword

An excellent example of how Mesothelioma as a keyword can be used to attract organic traffic and fulfill the purpose of its value is the Mesothelioma law firm case analyzed by Fusion Digital Marketing.


Organic Traffic and Mesothelioma

Namely, their website aims to generate a specific target group – mesothelioma clients. In this way, law firms get clients that seek to obtain some form of compensation. They used knowledge of what people search on the internet and what can help them achieve their goals.

It resulted in charging 963$ per click, which is a fantastic achievement. Their other results were also impressive, considering that the company used highly competitive keywords on page 1 of Google within three months and recently from 0 to an average of 32.


McDougall Interactive

Similarly, McDougall Interactive used Mesothelioma as their keyword and generated massive profit. Their income from a single click in this highly competitive SEO niche was as much as $600 for a single click. They developed a new site for a clientele interested in lawsuits tied to Mesothelioma. They have emphasized, “With cases averaging around $1 million and lots of very negligent companies, it’s no surprise that firms will pay so much for clicks, leads, and cases”.

In their presentation of the case, the McDougall agency listed some tactics they implemented to obtain this goal. Revenue of over $15 million for the firm, both from paid and organic SEO / content marketing, best describes the amount of success their campaign had.

They also ranked #6 in Google for “Mesothelioma Law Firms” in the first year, and they were present on the second page in Google for “Mesothelioma Lawyers” and “Mesothelioma Attorneys” in the first year as well.

Some of the elements company used in their strategy include a mobile-friendly website, highly persuasive landing pages, extensive A/B testing, video, and podcasting, a book that McDougall Interactive wrote and published as a lead teaser, a blog with multiple posts per week, social media marketing and management, online and offline PR and many more.


How to Use Links and Avoid Spam?

Considering that SEO includes links tied to your content, one should consider whether we should have the relevant ‘no follow’ attribute by default. One of the masterminds behind SEO, Matt Cutts, advises its users not to rely entirely on widgets and infographics as their primary way to gather links.

Many people are trying to abuse widgets and infographics, so Matt would recommend putting a ‘no follow,’ especially on widgets because when they copy and paste a segment of code, they don’t realize what is happening. He also notes that depending on the scale of the stuff you’re doing with infographics, you might consider putting an actual ‘no follow’ on infographic links.


Other Examples of Expensive Keywords

Some of the most expensive keywords used over the years include similarities with mesothelioma and related lawsuits. Some of them include:

  • California car accident attorneys – “$135.38” average CPC,
  • Structured settlement cash-out “$122.31” average CPC,
  • Settlement annuity payments “$118.57″ average CPC
  • Motorcycle injury attorney “$103.75”.

Other keywords in the ranking relate to business solutions, such as ‘business telephone provider’ with a $130.79 average CPC, and ‘cloud computing collaboration “$117.05” average CPC.

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