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Extraction From The Main Domain Into A Niche Site

Extraction From The Main Domain Into A Niche Site

Table of Contents

CTrax is a software developed to organize Certificates of Insurance for businesses of all sizes efficiently. CTrax is unique because it interacts with Vendor Cost Control and Claims Manager. JDi first created software to address the demands of a single insured, a single policy, in a single circumstance. Yet, as needs grew, they enhanced the software’s capabilities and added more features. 

Do search engines like niche sites? It’s a question of quality, but overall – yes!

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Our work with CTrax’s included the development of a brand-new website that had first addressed the algorithm updates, which, back when we first started collaborating, were upcoming news – the page experience and Core Web Vitals. Also, page speed was a significant concern both for algorithmic and user experience reasons. We optimized for fewer external resource dependencies and better caching, reduced the number of redirects, and fixed content mixture issues. That way, we significantly decreased page loading times and passed the Core Web Vitals algorithmic evaluation with a bit of help from NitroPack.

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As suggested by SEO experts such as Matt Cutts, we analyzed the most common search queries associated with CTrax. We devised a content marketing plan to increase the likelihood of ranking for desired and relevant keywords such as “coi tracking” and “fake coi” longer tail keywords on the 1st page of search results, without spending a single dime on Google Ads.

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With the implementation of schema markup for the FAQ page and the creation of a video sitemap, we helped CTrax appear on Google search’s rich results by essential industry-related FAQs that help users and businesses learn about possible automation for their business needs. We managed a content creation campaign that consisted of content creation alongside the exportation of content from video and image formats into text for accessibility and SEO purposes.

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We emphasized user experience optimization to improve the website’s experience and online presence and worked closely with the product developers to create a demo page! Which seems to be a favorite for most potential clients and provides the best user experience and is also mobile-friendly!

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