NetJacked PRO

All those in the past took your money for nothing. They filled your website with copy-pasted content. Created crappy web designs and wasted thousands of precious dollars on Google Ads. Sounds very counterproductive! Better spend a fraction of the cost for actual SEO monitoring, beneficial consultation and the lack of need to waste your resources.

$1,000 / year

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It you still want to be proactive but not completely asleep and you do check your email – this is the right one for you.

We will always be there to help you out.

No AI. Real experts! This fits ANY business model. We will bug you if something crucial comes up!

Treat us as your SEO roadside assistance buddies!

Our VIP membership includes monitoring, consultations and surprises.
We will bug you when we find something and we will help you fix it! You want to rank better? we can help you too!
We will reach out to you for scheduling a call once you become a member!