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Is SEO a High Paying Job

Is SEO a High Paying Job?

Table of Contents

It’s understandable that this is one of the top questions out there as some aspiring SEO professionals would like to estimate how much they would be earning in the long run. Through experience, our president explains how SEO can become a high paying job over time and how real SEO experts are extremely hard to find.

Is SEO a High-Paying Job? 

No, and yes. If you are an employee, no, especially in the beginning. It is a buzzword, SEO, so what they do is they would put you to type in alt descriptions all day and all night, and it is not really part of the job. But they will give you a name and a title, so you feel like you are doing something, so don’t take these jobs. Stay away from them. What actually is a high-paying job in SEO is somebody who comes in with a background or somebody that grows into it. So for example, web developers, video content creators, Javascript developers that kind of get tired of developing, also a lot of graphic designers can get into it, but it is a little bit harder because they do need to expand into like at least doing wireframe designs, for websites that is, and overall it is a high paying job, but not in the beginning and you usually would go into it as a secondary job, like for example, I used to be a web developer and puff! Also, a lot of people who know SEO don’t actually work in SEO, they have businesses. I personally grew my gym into a six figures business with SEO, without even having a website. Just basic knowledge of how helping my local business show up online. Obviously, later on, I expanded it whenever I saw the need. People who do SEO usually don’t need a job. I know it is funny, but we have a bunch of articles about it on our website. It is very hard to find a good SEO for that same reason. 


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